detail 1 from The Letter IV © Ida Ivanka Kubler

The Violet Touch
A solo show by artist Ida Ivanka Kubler

Where Chinatown Soup, 16 Orchard Street, NY 10002
When: Tues, April 25th – Tues, May 2nd, 12pm – 7pm
(Closed on Monday, May 1st)
Opening night reception: Tues, April 25th, 6pm-9pm


Ida Ivanka Kubler artist Chinatown New York City international artist

About the Artist
Ida Ivanka Kubler, a Bulgarian-born artist, has exhibited internationally (Germany, France, Bulgaria, Norway, London, New York City), has her artist studio in New York.
Kubler has “secured her name among the best in the art scene in the UK” (EuroPost). Known for her “wild, process driven shaping of silk fibers that she intuits rather than directs … sensualities pervade Kubler’s practice and set it apart.” (Art Daily) “I was immediately blown away by the international artist … Ida Ivanka Kubler’s artwork. I felt touched and enlightened.” (Fad Magazine)

Artist Ida Ivanka Kubler
Artist Ida Ivanka Kubler

Interview with artist Ida Ivanka Kubler

1. Tell me about your upcoming art show? What can visitors expect to see?

A sampling of my art will be shown that represents a few of my different series: The Letter, The Birth of An Idea, Erotic Fertilities, and The Paninaro.

For The Letter, which visitors will be encouraged to touch three, square violet canvases that will be hung on the left side of the gallery.

Ida describes The Letter Series as sculptured atmospheric scribbles that represent chaotic messages, or letters, on canvas. It’s a metaphor of mixed thoughts and feelings and their synthesis—the beauty they create. Simultaneously, The Letter creates an impression of different roads, a large universe with planets in it, waves of an ocean, something endless, or the today’s uprooting in a physical and direct sense. The media consists of hand-extracted silk cocoon fibers. The color is strong in presence: Deep Violet is magnifying and it is the deepest color in the World. It stands for mystery and delicate love feelings. Some suggest that it’s as deep as death, or as deep as love.”

Only one (out of 100 pieces) of the Birth of an Idea Series will be on display. The series is constructed using leftover cocoons that are laid out in geometric patterns. It’s color is bright yellow and pink, and with tint color on the back. This artwork will be placed within a side-specific wall installation: a baroque castle constructed out of tape on the wall.

An erotic drawing in a Golden Old Baroque frame will be included in the Erotic Fertilities series. It will be the first artwork from the new series. This series is about emotion, love, touch, excitement, naughtiness, seduction and youthfulness.

The Paninaro series exhibit consists of erotic blurred photographs of me with a partner, with drawings on top. The drawings derive from an old chapel Tramin, Italy, which I visited years ago. A golden curtain will hide this series, so that it will become visible only to the curious visitors.

Also, there will be a canvas stating: “Art Market”. Inspired by the concept of a street fair market, artwork will be displayed underneath and nearby, even scattered on the floor–lots of cocoons artworks (abstract pieces) and artworks from The Thing series (nude figures walking in the nothingness).

2. You plan to show one of your “Birth of An Idea” series pieces at the art show. How did this series come about?

Yes, only one piece. The Birth of an Idea series is comprised of silk cocoons left behind by the butterflies. Until the age of seven, I lived with my grandparents on their farm in Bulgaria. It was here that I first discovered silk cocoons at age five. My grandparents were involved in the process of sericulture (the production of silk and the rearing of silkworms for this purpose).

Initially, I was painting faces on the cocoons and making them alive. Later on, I would find abandoned red bricks, pulverize them, mix them with water, and use the red-orange liquid residue to paint the cocoons.

“At the beginning, I painted faces on the cocoons. I remember spending hours doing this on the farm. It was a way for me to occupy my time.” Kubler says. “My grandparents had animals on the farm—donkeys, goats, rabbits. I was the last animal on the farm,” Kubler laughs.

During my Bachelor studies I’ve created some cocoons dresses for the theatre and museum. But the Birth of an Idea series the way they are today was born in Chelsea College of Art and Design in London, next door to the Tate Britain in 2010.

How the first Birth of an Idea came about was this: I was commissioned to produce an abstract artwork, which was inspiring, healing, beautiful and sending positive vibes. The first one I’ve created was shown in the Chelsea Library and attracted a lot of attention. And it did its duty to inspire people in the library. And this is what libraries are for: to inspire people with new ideas for their life. This is why I’ve called the first artwork “The Birth of an Idea”

3. Is it true you’re wearing a cocoon dress?

Yes, a Haute Couture dress, violet dress assembled from cocoons cut in organic forms, handmade sewn with fishing line. The dress will be for sale after the opening evening.

4. Anything else we should know about your art?

It is magic, because I come from a different planet! 🙂

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