Ida Ivanka Kubler to coin a phrase “was born an artist” painting from year one and taking her first art class at the age of five. She has studied at Bulgaria’s prestigious National Academy of Arts, the University of Applied Arts in Bielefeld, Germany, and the iconic Chelsea College of Art and Design in London.

Ida Kubler is best known for her textural silk cocoon paintings which she calls half objects. Silk has been a part of her life. She grew up on her grandparents’ sericulture silk cocoon farm. And Ida has combined silk into her art. Even from an early age she painted cocoons using her own mixture of pulverised bricks and water. Ida is attracted to the cocoons’ symbolic and physical properties, which to her represent calmness, hope, and life. Her applauded and successful Birth of an Idea series, of which she will only produce 100, features circle settings consisting of an abundance of sculptured silk cocoons on a large canvas.

A truly international artist, she splits her time between studios in New York, London, Germany, France, and Norway. She has exhibited in New York at the Chinatown Soup Gallery, the Sohotel Artspace and the Dejavu Gallery (previously known as Bodley Gallery). She has also exhibited in Malaga, Spain at the Stoa Gallery and in London at the Store Street Gallery and Chance Gallery.

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