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ART MARKET: The Violet Touch
A solo show by artist Ida Ivanka Kubler

Who: Ida Ivanka Kubler (artist)
What: ART MARKET: The Violet Touch (solo show)
Where: Chinatown Soup, 16 Orchard Street, Chinatown, NY 10002
When: Tues, April 25th – Tues, May 2nd (12pm – 7pm)
(note: gallery closed Mon, May 1)
Opening night reception: Tues, April 25th, 6pm-9pm
Website: (please register at website – free)

About the Show
Award-winning artist Ida Ivanka Kubler will present a solo art exhibition at Chinatown Soup, in Chinatown, New York. Visitors can expect to experience various artworks from her diverse series, including The Birth of An Idea Series, Paninaro, The Letter, and “Erotic Fertilities”, and a space-specific installation of an abandoned castle. For most of her art, Ida uses recycled cocoons, left behind by caterpillars on their way to maturing into butterflies.

“The Birth of An Idea”, contains “elegantly executed” (Fad Magazine) cocoons that are arranged to form a half-object—one that is appears flat yet is three-dimensional, resulting in art that provides both “liberation and relaxation” (Huffington Post). In “The Letter” series, Kubler introduces intricate geometric patterns featuring “wispy orbs of shocking color that resemble planets in a painterly cosmos” (ArtDaily). Adding spice to this eclectic soup is “The Paninaro” series, described as “cheap baroque with erotic undertones”. Her artwork has been described as “organic in appearance; abstract in presence” (Fad Magazine).

About the Artist
Ida Ivanka Kubler, a Bulgarian-born artist who has exhibited internationally (Germany, France Bulgaria, Norway, London, New York City), currently lives in Brooklyn, New York and has her artist studio in Chinatown, New York. Kubler has “secured her name among the best in the art scene in the UK” (EuroPost). Known for her “wild, process driven shaping of silk fibers that she intuits rather than directs … sensualities pervade Kubler’s practice and set it apart.” (ArtDaily) “I was immediately blown away by the international artist … Ida Ivanka Kubler’s artwork. I felt touched and enlightened.” (Fad Magazine)

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Contact Ida Ivanka Kubler
Ida Ivanka Kubler welcomes interviews. Feel free to contact her anytime.
Phone: 917-402-6964